Trol­lkrem Jule­spill

UKS, 2014

A diverse group of Nor­we­gian per­for­mance artists were invit­ed to take part in a play based onThe Christ­mas Gospel. The par­tic­i­pants being asked to write their own per­for­mance text, were giv­en their parts based on their pre­vi­ous work and posi­tion with­in the Nor­we­gian art and the­ater scene. A meta-sto­ry about art, cre­ation and par­ent­ing.


Mar­i­anne Heier, Mon­i­ca Winther, Lisa Lie, Ida Frømyr Bor­gen, Paal Her­man Ims, Håkon M. Vassvik, HAiK, D.O.R, Lotte Konow Lund, Vik­tor Flarkell, Eivind Linn, Marie Aske­land, Beglomeg