Paulsenkaia/Bjørvika, 2013

The first Trol­lkrems live-event with that took place with­in an archi­tec­tur­al project called Naustet by Trestykker, a recon­struct­ed boathouse and small dock in the mid­dle of Oslo city cen­tre close to the new finan­cial dis­trict and land­mark archi­tec­ture of BARCODE.


East­er, Chop­gang, Kaja Cxzy Ander­sen, Thomas Takes No Shit, Bendik Giske, Veb­jørn Gut­torms­gaard Møll­berg, HAiK, Ida Frømyr Bor­gen, Lisa Stål­spets, Sun Sux